Sunday, March 20, 2011

Welcome Spring!


where you are planted!

 I love the change in seasons, and each season has it's own beauty.



Thursday, March 17, 2011

Nature's Inspiration

I'm a nature lover and need to get my fix every so often, so I headed over to a great conservation area nearby where there are all kinds of beautiful birds from swans to herons and geese along with lots of native prairie grasses and lakes.
It's my thinking place!


A bird's eye view.


delicate sweet!

Swan Lake
putting on a little show!

I highly recommend this!
Hope you take some time to enjoy nature and all it's beauty...
ENJOY your day!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

To bead or not to bead...

This is the question I ask myself every day ~

Most of the time creativity comes pretty natural for me, but there are those days when I really just don't feel like making my jewelry ~ creativity cannot be forced, it's either there or it isn't.  There are days that I have lots of ideas coming all at once and actually have to try to slow my brain down so I can focus on one design at a time.  And then there are those days, that I need to give myself a little rest so I can recharge and feel inspired to create.  

I just picked up some neat vintage jewelry at one of my favorite antique shops and was inspired to make some new designs with it.  

Here's some before and after shots...

A vintage rose earring, a vintage necklace and a vintage rhinestone pin.

An assortment of vintage bangles, necklaces, loose crystals, rhinestones, earrings, etc.

I love vintage crystals and use them in a lot of my designs.

Here's an after shot of the vintage rose that I secured to a vintage silver band.

A necklace I made out of a vintage heart earring.  
I added it to a vintage chain and adorned it with topaz Swarovski crystals and a vintage topaz crystal.

~ These are available in my etsy shop ~

Stay inspired!