Saturday, November 24, 2012

It's a Giveaway!

Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving...
 I'm in a bit of a generous mood and I am having a giveaway on Monday to one lucky person!  All you have to do is make a little comment, and I will put your name in the drawing and select the winner Sunday night and will announce it Monday morning.  I am also having a Cyber Monday sale and offering 15% off your entire purchase, so please feel free to stop by.  The giveaway will be a pair of vintage glass snowmen earrings!

Good Luck


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Hilary's Hearts - Part II

Today marks the 5 year anniversary of my niece's passing and although time does heal, the sadness and pain never really goes away.

We still continue to receive hearts and are grateful for each and every one!

You are loved deeply and will 

in our hearts!

Heart shaped piece of pink blush....

pretty in pink!


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Adore the Door!

Fall's here in the Midwest and it's that time of year again when all the trees are turning beautiful shades of red, gold and yellow.  It's the perfect time for a drive out to Door County and this year the colors were especially beautiful!  We love coming here and fall is our favorite time of year to come with lots of festivals, apple picking, art shows, galleries, horse back riding, quaint shops and places to eat along with historical lighthouses and beautiful sunsets.   

 They just had their annual pumpkin patch festival and the town is all decked out in pumpkins along with music, a craft show and lots of good food ~ as usual they did an excellent job!

 ~ lots of creative juices flowing here!

Some pumpkin women all decked out in their finest!

Alice in Pumpkinland ~ tea anyone?

A cute little cottage all decked out for the season.

Metal sculptures handcrafted by many artists in the area.

This sculpture moves with the wind and has a three dimensional look to it
 ~ artsy schmartsy!

A beautiful fall day in Door Co.

Peninsula State Park

A beautiful way to end the day!  

I took this at one of our favorite places to eat ~ took our breath away.

Have a beautiful Fall!


Friday, June 29, 2012

How Does Your Garden Gow? Part II

Summer is here in full force in the midwest and the flowers are struttin' their stuff.  As usual, I planted many of my favorite, silverberry petunias, in containers throughout our yard.  I absolutely LOVE the pale pink color and the way they trail. 

I started these out with two 4" containers and are filling out really nice

We have been getting a LOT of hummingbirds this year which has been really nice.  
I decided to make my own hummingbird food, so I'd like to think they must like the homemade stuff better!

The tiger lilies and stonecrop are lovin' the sun:)

This year I decided to plant a small Fairy Garden...any container will work ~  
I just used a medium sized oval container and filled it with allysum and a mini succulent plant, a pink mosaic water globe, a cute frog, etc.  A sweet little birdie must have planted a sunflower which I think looks nice in the garden.  

These are so magical...If you haven't got one I highly recommend it!

Hello sunshine!
A beautiful goldfinch has been feeding on it ~
still brightens my day.

My re-tweet!

What about you... 
How does your garden grow?

Have a beautiful weekend and a great summer!


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Got Milk?

I'm one of those people who absolutely LOVES milk!  

To me it's one of those old fashioned comfort foods, or shall I say drinks, that goes with almost everything and is SO good for you!  I know this might sound strange, but I actually love to drink it with potato chips.  There's something about the salty/milky combination that I find really enjoyable!

I remember way back when,(ahem, I'm giving my age away a little here), when the milkman used to drop off our bottles of milk and return to pick up the empty bottles...those were the days!

I have a small collection of vintage bottles, and found a milk bottle complete with it's original bottle cap in Door County several years back, which happens to be my favorite.  Last week while out at an antique shop I came across these vintage scrabble tiles game pieces and thought it would be cute to spell "Got Milk?" out and display it next to my bottle.

What do you think?



Sunday, April 22, 2012

Happy Earth Day!

google image

As I get older, I really want to do my part and try to live greener and try to protect this beautiful land of ours.  I am especially concerned at the amount of plastic being found in our oceans and lakes and the dire consequences it is having on many fish and birds to reptiles and mammals, etc.  Many are consuming large amounts of these plastics, often times resulting in death and many are now considered endangered or in threat of becoming extinct.  Unfortunately, nothing can be done about what's already out there(with the exception of volunteering to try to clean up this mess), but let's make a real effort to try to cut back on the amount of waste we produce, especially plastics, which most are not really recyclable and take thousands of years to decompose and can release harmful toxins into the environment.  

So, go out and plant a tree  ~ not only do they add beauty, 
but they provide much needed oxygen and help cool the environment. 

If you can't do that, take little steps to improve what you can ~  using paper instead of plastic, brown bagging it, using your own bag, using environmental friendly products (I love Seventh Generation) you get the idea...



Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Pretty in Pink!

I must confess...I'm a little partial to pink.  
Especially pink flowers! 

I absolutely LOVE these pale pink petunias
 and I plant them 
in many containers in our yard!

I planted pale pink phlox in a large container and I think it looks nice 
along with some hens and chicks...
I plan on making this a fairy garden with some lights and 
whatever else sparks my interest.

I love the color of these lush Ranunculus ~ 
they really brighten up any space!

A closeup shot of some sweet cherry of my favorites!

Hope these brighten your day!


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring has Sprung

Spring has sprung and I am always excited with the change of's a sort of rebirth where everything seems to come to life.  I'm always a little surprised when the grass starts to turn green, after a long drab colorless winter ~ it's so nice to see some color again!

I also simply adore tulips and wish I had more of them, but I plant a few in pots for a quick fix ~
 in my opinion you can never have enough of these sweet flowers. 

I planted these in my flower boxes and will switch them with petunias in a few weeks.  

Have a beautiful spring and a Blessed Easter


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hilary's Hearts

Four and a half years ago, I lost my beautiful niece Hilary at the age of 16 and it has been the most difficult time for me in this journey called life.  After my niece passed away, my other niece, her younger sister, started noticing hearts everywhere.  Hilary LOVED hearts and the color pink and even signed her name with a heart.  At first noone really paid that much attention to it, but then everyone else in our family started noticing them too. 

This was one of the first hearts my niece Kendall found on a cow at one of her field trips...when's the last time you saw a cow with a heart on it?  I'm guessing probably never:)

I started finding hearts in unusual places and usually at a time when I was really struggling with my grief and it always brought me great comfort.

This one I found on her head stone last year ON the anniversary and the heart appeared right above her name and then disappeared after about 5 minutes.   
I was in awe!

Found this heart on Christmas Day at my mom's last year on her driveway.

Heart shaped potato chip I got at Panera bread

This one totally blew me away... I had spilled some baking soda on our deck and the next day I notice two pieces of charcoal that formed a heart.  The next day I noticed another small piece of charcoal also in a heart shape.  Another heart formed at the bottom section and eventually the whole baking soda portion formed a heart....amazing!

Heart on my fork!

These are only a few of the MANY hearts not only I, but our family has received and are grateful
for every one!



You live FOREVER in our hearts!

Happy Valentine's Day

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Let it Snow!

Well we finally had our first real snow of the season and it's just beautiful!  

Light fluffy glistening snow and snow caps everywhere...


 Snowbirds welcome!

 Our snowmen all decked out in their winter 
snow hats

A snowy re "tweet"

Enjoy the magic of this beautiful season!