Saturday, May 21, 2011

Contain yourself...

I'm a big fan of container gardening and fill a dozen or so containers with perennial and annual flowers, tall grasses, hostas or anything I find interesting.  My all time favorite is silverberry petunias.  I love the soft pink color of them and how beautiful they trail.  

Take a look...
 My fave...silverberry petunias 
I plant these in flower boxes on our deck(they also attract hummingbirds and sometimes I'm lucky enough to have them fly right up to me ~  makes me smile!)

I really love pink flowers and like to plant various shades of pink

 some pretty rockfoil I planted in a vintage crock ~  
I also did a border with these in our front yard

Hens and chicks along with sweet pale pink creeping phlox and some river rocks and a trellis.
I like adding ornamental objects to my containers ~  gives it some dimension and makes them a little more interesting!

sweet lamb's ear ~ delightful!

 a bird bath with another container of silverberry petunias and some variegated hostas

did I mention that I love silverberry petunias?

here with some tall grass and a rustic bird house
(I just planted this, but should reach around 2 feet tall when mature)

The nice thing about container gardening is that you can change it every year 
and move the containers around if you want to.

Happy weekend!