Friday, June 29, 2012

How Does Your Garden Gow? Part II

Summer is here in full force in the midwest and the flowers are struttin' their stuff.  As usual, I planted many of my favorite, silverberry petunias, in containers throughout our yard.  I absolutely LOVE the pale pink color and the way they trail. 

I started these out with two 4" containers and are filling out really nice

We have been getting a LOT of hummingbirds this year which has been really nice.  
I decided to make my own hummingbird food, so I'd like to think they must like the homemade stuff better!

The tiger lilies and stonecrop are lovin' the sun:)

This year I decided to plant a small Fairy Garden...any container will work ~  
I just used a medium sized oval container and filled it with allysum and a mini succulent plant, a pink mosaic water globe, a cute frog, etc.  A sweet little birdie must have planted a sunflower which I think looks nice in the garden.  

These are so magical...If you haven't got one I highly recommend it!

Hello sunshine!
A beautiful goldfinch has been feeding on it ~
still brightens my day.

My re-tweet!

What about you... 
How does your garden grow?

Have a beautiful weekend and a great summer!


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