Thursday, July 14, 2011

Wanna Trade?

Welcome to Isle a la Cache, Romeoville, Il.
(Island of the Hiding)

This is a historic area where Voyageurs and Indians met to trade furs along with other goods in the 18th Century.
The area is surrounded with beautiful wetlands and native prairie grasses and the I & M Canal where they canoed and fished for food. 

For you nature lovers out there, this is a nice place to spend a couple hours, have a little picnic, enjoy the beauty and visit the museum (great for kids). 

Every year they hold an Island Rendezvous(this year it was June 11th and 12th)
People dress in period costumes and the entire area is filled with tents where they have demonstrations, reenactments, a nicely done falconry show and music.

It's pretty interesting and free to the public.  


If you live in the area, or are ever in the area, it's worth 
checking out!

Happy Trails!


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