Friday, September 23, 2011

T.G.I.F. (Thank God it's FALL)!

I always welcome the changing seasons and especially
LOVE fall
and all the ingredients that make it so  
 ~ homemade pumpkin pie (yum)!
~  cool, crisp air
 ~ the sound of rustling leaves
~  the beautiful fall colors (it still fascinates me)
~  Fall craft shows (my favorite)
~  Apple picking and eating!
~  comfy sweaters
~  Everything!

I also like to decorate outside and thought I'd share some with you

 this year I planted some stonecrop along the side of our house, 
I think it looks at home with my sunflower and pumpkin :)

I found this cute scarecrow at a fall festival this year and had to have him. 
I got the pumpkin at the same festival last year...

there's something special about fall festivals and I love going to them 
and supporting handmade items as much as possible

I planted different types of coleus along with some ornamental tall grass...I love the colors they turn for fall!

My favorite spot!

Butterflies love them too!

I can't believe I actually got a shot of one of our sweet hummingbirds...he even sat on top of the trellis for a while.  He will actually fly right up to my face when I'm sitting on our deck ~ always makes my day:)

the pumpkin patch

Welcome FALL!


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  1. Your touches of Fall are just perfect!

    Thank you for the beautiful message, my friend.