Friday, February 22, 2013

Mad in America

I just discovered a great website called

My eyes have truly been opened and I feel it is critical that people start taking their own health into their own hands.  
There are far too many people being "diagnosed" with so called mental illnesses/disorders and people are suffering due to these so called "therapists/psychiatrists" who are prescribing TOXIC drugs like they are candy.  Too many people are being harmed and lives are being destroyed due to these TOXIC drugs.  This website is full of information on these drugs and the whole psychiatric industry and how it really works ~ it is truly frightening and very sickening to see so many people being DESTROYED by these drugs.  
Basically psychiatrists/therapists go by their DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual) to diagnose someone with a supposed illness/disorder, which they claim to be scientifically based, and is NOT AT ALL true!  There are no tests used to diagnose any of these so called disorders and the manual is completely made up and funded by the APA(American Psychiatric Assn.) which gets tons of money from the drug companies (Big Pharma).

They have now come out with their new DSM-5 which has added several hundred new "disorders" including SSD (Somatic Symptom Disorder) which basically covers any negative side effects caused by drugs(which they say is actually part of your illness, or a new illness) claiming the person is overreacting or unable to cope with certain symptoms, therefore requiring more medication.  This makes me very angry.  More people need to start speaking out against these drug companies and doctors/therapists who prescribe these dangerous drugs.  I am asking people to please go to this website and sign a petition to boycott the DSM-5 which is scheduled to be published sometime in the middle of May this year.  

Here's the website:

We need to do as much research as possible and educate ourselves so we can all make informed choices and not solely rely on these doctors/therapists/psychiatrists/ to make them for us.  We need to challenge them when we don't feel something's right and stand strong in our beliefs and not fall victim to intimidation or brainwashing.

I hope everyone will check out the website ~ let's all try to do our part to change the way things are being done.


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