Saturday, April 25, 2015

Fairy Gardens

As a person who loves container gardens and gardens in general,

I have developed a deep affection


 Fairy Gardens.

Secret Garden

There is so much you can do with them and the possibilities are almost endless.

You can use almost any container ~ 
just get a little creative and let the magic begin.

I have three gardens:

~  The Secret Garden
~  Hilary's Garden
~  The Butterfly Garden

The secret garden I planted in a moss basket with various hens and chicks, a bird bath, arched bridge, a few rocks, a bird house...
  and of course a fairy.

 I planted one in memory of my beautiful niece Hilary,
 who passed away 8 years ago.

You are forever remembered 
and forever missed.

I used some angel plants along with a heart shaped rock
(Hilary loved hearts)
a fairy holding a bird, a pink flower
and a solar light which gives it a really nice glow at night.

Hilary's Garden

The butterfly garden contains hens and chicks 
a mini cloche with a bird bath in it, 
some fairy plants
a rustic birdhouse
a sweet frog 
a Butterfly that glows in the dark
some stones
a Heart of Hope
and of course 
a fairy.

 Butterfly Garden

I strongly recommend planting one (or more) of these...

they are so peaceful and really bring a little bit of magic to any


Happy Gardening!



  1. I was just talking about making one with one of my little grands the other's a must!

    1. What a fun way to spend some time with your grandchildren...I'm sure they'll love it!