Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Home Sweet Home...

  Welcome to my little corner of the world!  I thought it would be nice to share a few of my decorating tips along with a little look into our home.   I really believe that home is where the heart is, so make it truly yours! 

Here's some of my snowmen and birdhouse collection displayed on a vintage shelf.

Here's a sweet display idea:  Take a vintage cake plate and drape the laciest vintage doily on top, add a cloche, and fill it with whatever you love...in this case, some chippy birdhouses.  This looks good almost anywhere and is so easy to do!
I took a vintage painted sap bucket and filled it with pretty sunflowers and set it on a vintage child's chair ~ simple and sweet!
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  1. Sharon,
    I had no idea you were a blogger! Thank you for your kind words!
    If you ever need any help with anything blogwise let me know! Congrats on the new blog! I like your script font.